I’m having a yard sale. Right here on my blog. Me and Julie are cleaning out a lot of stuff. Lots of stuff! Just scroll through and then let me know if you want to buy anything. Check often because it’s going to take me time to get it all in here. If you have any questions contact me with this form:

I don’t intend to mail any of the big stuff, so you’ll need to pick it up.

Also, I’m selling a lot of older, vintage stuff in my Etsy store at https://www.etsy.com/shop/jMLStudios

Corner cupboard $85. Most of the pottery inside is for sale too. I’ll be posting it.
Homewoods shelf unit 6′ x 3′ x 9″ deep. $70

My Journey To Find My Personal Chakra Animals

I’m 60 years old and have just started my spiritual journey. Many years ago I was more open minded, curious and willing to learn. But through the years, having most of my relationships with non-spiritual people, I lost my devotion.

For a long time I’ve been feeling “broken”, critical of myself and others. I’m having a difficult time concentrating on my art, which is most disconcerting for me. I go through the day like a robot doing only what I’m supposed to do to get through. I feel lonely, unworthy, unproductive, forgetful and just plain depressed.

A few weeks ago I met some inspiring, creative women at a lunch party. They were all open to spiritual thinking and making it an every day part of their lives. I was so inspired by these women, so happy that I met them and look forward to our next meeting.

We eventually talked about some collages that the host of the party had. She called them SoulCollages®. They were passed around for us to observe. They were beautiful and inspiring, and there were many of them. All were 5″ x 8″ collages on mat board. I was most definitely intrigued. They were both creative and spiritual. I asked what SoulCollage® was and found out that one of the women at the party is a facilitator for SoulCollage®. She teaches workshops on how to make and do readings with the cards, using them like tarot cards. How brilliant, I needed to know more, and took her next workshop the following week.

I am fully ensconced in SoulCollage®. Developed by Seena Frost, SoulCollage® is a wonderful process of creating a set of cards which have deep personal significance, and gives you a creative way to access your true self. Utilizing images from magazines, books, and other materials, you make 5″ x 8″  cards using mat board as a substrate. I, of course, use 5″ x 7″ cards, because I have a need to be different. That in itself is a reflection of my true self!? Take a look at SoulCollage.com for more information on the whole card making process, and much, much more, you’ll be hooked for life.

Besides making and using the cards to find myself, I have recently started guided visual meditations to find my chakra animals. I’m using a CD by Seena Frost called “Introduction to SoulCollage®”. So far I’ve found three of my animals, for my first, fifth and third chakras.

Stained Glass Work


clear glass, soldered house with part of ceramic doll.
Sleeping Beauty, glass house

Here are some of the stained glass items I’ve been working on. Lots of feathers, feather on a mirror, little glass houses with treasures inside, boxes, wall or window hangings, and jewelry pieces.

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The Black Sheep

I just took some new pictures of my shop. The Grand Opening is today. I’m so out of the way that I don’t expect that many people. Mostly I want people who love to felt to know about my shop. I’ve already met some really cool people.

This is the front door to The Black Sheep

Been Really Busy

Okay, I have the perfect excuse for not posting anything in such a long time: I quit my job at the Art Institute, bought a house with room for a store and studio, and moved into my new house. I’ve been preparing the studio for a classroom to teach in, and preparing the store. For the classroom I ripped up the old rug and put down those peel and stick tiles; I built two 8’x4′ tables for my students (and me) to use;

One of the 8′ Tables

I painted one of the closet doors with chalkboard paint, and the other door I covered with cork for a bulletin board.

Corkboard and chalkboard doors

In the store I painted furniture and walls, put up shelves,

and put in a new outside door.

My new door, not quite finished yet